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Hello and welcome to hackerheld, this blog is all about information technology and cover topics like cybersecurity, ethical hacking, python programming, operating systems, software, android phones, iPhones, with tips and how-to guides. Its motive is to update every personality by covering each and every required information with the flow of time and helps every information seeker to run on their own shoes by trying to explain the toughest principles in a very simplified manner.

Hackerheld is the brain of an experienced fellow whose aim is to groom each reader's way of understanding the IT world.

Brain of Hackerheld

Kuldeep Sharma lives life like everyone around but was interested in IT and played well versed with computers and smartphones from school days. He studied everything he loved and with the passage of time he ranked with IT certifications which are Ec-council certified ethical hacker, Redhat certified system administrator, CompTIA network+, CompTIA IT fundamental, CompTIA cloud essential. After achieving these, he is a python developer and continuing projects with part-time blogging.

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