Convert your android device in to a portable hacking machine using ANDRAX

At this time most people have an android smartphone. Even it is possible that you are reading my article in the android smartphone. We use a smartphone for only basic things like calling, texting, gaming, internet surfing, watching videos and taking pictures. Because most of us don't know the full potential of android smartphones. The android smartphone is more powerful than you think. Most of the android smartphones are using modern ARM-based processors. ARM is an extremely superior, robust and power-efficient architecture. So in this article, I will tell you What is andrax? and How can you make your android smartphone a working portable penetration testing device?

What is andrax?
Andrax is the most unique and powerful platform developed and designed for the android smartphone. Andrax development started in 2016 at that time it was available only in Brazil but in 2018 it is released for the international public. It can run natively in an android device and behaves like a Linux distribution. Andrax supports any rooted android smartphone which is running on android version 5.0 or higher. In andrax there are more than 900 tools that can perform over 1000 types of attacks for the penetration testers. It also provides a touch screen optimized terminal that makes typing commands in small touch screen devices easy so you have no need to vary about attaching a physical keyboard on your android smartphone.
Features of andrax
  • Optimized: Execution with minimal hardware resources.
  • Open-source: Open support for everyone
  • Advanced Terminal: Advanced terminal emulator for Hacking.
  • Dynamic Categories Overlay (DCO): Well-categorized tools system.
  • Advanced IDE: Complete support for a huge number of programming languages.
  • 900+ Tools: Advanced tools for Hacking, Cracking and Penetration Testing.

  • Information Gathering: Bind DNS tools, Raccoon, Whois, DNS-Cracker, Firewalk, Dnsrecon
  • Scanning: Nmap–Network Mapper, Masscan, SSLScan, Amap
  • Packet Crafting: Hping3, Nping, Scapy, exinject, Ncat, Socat
  • Password Cracking: CRUNCH, Hydra, John The Ripper,  Hydra, Ncrack,
  • Wireless Hacking: Reaver, VMP Evil AP, Cowpatty, Aircrack-NG Tools, MDK3, Reaver, VMP Evil
  • Exploitation: Getsploit, RouterSploit Framework,  RopTOOL, OWASP ZSC, Metasploit Framework
  • Network Hacking: ARPSpoof, Bettercap, MITMProxy, EvilGINX2
  • Website Hacking:  XSSer, 0d1n, Recon-NG, Photon, PHPSploit, Payloadmask, AbernathY-XSS, Wapiti3, SQLMap, PHPSploit, Commix                             
and much more.

  • Rooted android with supersu or magisk
  • 4.0 GB of free internal memory
  • Unlocked Kernel (SAMSUNG users: To start ANDRAX properly, you might need to recompile the Kernel or use a custom ROM such as LineageOS)
  • Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher 


Step 1:
  • Download andrax application (download page) and install it to your android device.
  • After application successfully install, you need to give only root access permissions, so just grant all the permissions.
  •  It has an automatic installer that downloads and configures an andrax environment. 
Step 3:
  • First andrax install busybox automatically you only need to give it install permissions.
  •  After complete installation of busybox, you should see the message, click OK to start downloading the core. 
  • It will take 30 minutes or more depends on your network connection. After the downloading is finished, it will install the entire core automatically.
Step 3:
  • After complete installation of core wait for it to reboot and everything will be set up.

Manual Installation:
  • Step 1: Click “Manual Install” at the top of the menu you see 2 dots. (browser will download .tar.xz)
  • Step 2: Unpack the core. (busybox tar -xvJf andrax.r1.tar.xz -C /data/data/com.thecrackertechnology.andrax/ANDRAX/)
  • Step 3: Open the ANDRAX interface. (close it and open it again )

[Note: for packet injection you need a monitor mode enabled kernel and compatible wifi adapter.]

Conclusion:- This article is all about how you can convert your android device into a portable hacking machine using ANDRAX. Feel free to ask in the comment section if you have any queries.

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