How to Find owner's information of an email or phone number

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Mobile numbers and emails addresses are very important in this digital world. Because it contains clues to the owner's identity. Without mobile numbers or email addresses, it's very difficult to communicate digitally. When we try to create an account on any website or chatting app, etc. they ask you to verify your mobile number or email address details and if you don't have any mobile no or email address you are not able to create an account and in this way, you put your details on the internet. And on the internet, not every site is secure some times your information leaked on the internet. So you can use these tools to check that your email address and mobile number is breached or not. What is PhoneInfoga?

What is PhoneInfoga?
PhoneInfoga is the most advanced information gathering tool to find phone number owner information in OSNIT investigation. It scans phone number information using free resources and large databases to get the information in a few clicks. It plays a very good role in the open-source intelligent investigation and social engineering. At first, it gathers standard information such as area, career, country, and then it searches for footprints on search engines and tries to find the identity of the owner and VOIP provider info. It contains very good accuracy with international phone numbers.

How to install PhoneInfoga in Kali Linux?
  • Download the PhoneInfoga_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz file (download).
  • Go to the directory where your "tar.gz" file downloaded using the "cd" command " cd /Downloads " 
  • Type this command to extract tar.gz file in the directory " tar xfw PhoneInfoga_linux_x86_64.tar.gz "
  • After your file successfully extracted, type this command to run this tool " ./PhoneInfoga "
  • Then type this command to get the information of the target number " ./PhoneInfoga scan -n (MOBILE NUMBER) "
  • After that wait for some time for the results.
  phoneinfoga [command]

Available Commands:
  help   =    Help about any command
  scan     =  Scan a phone number
  serve    =  Serve web client
  version  =  Print current version of the tool

  -h, --help   help for phoneinfoga
Use "phoneinfoga [command] --help" for more information of commands.

What is Infoga?
Infoga is an email address information-gathering tool that scans information from different public sources like shodan, search engines, PGP key servers. It is a very effective and simple tool and used in the early stages of penetration testing. It needs "Python3" installed in your Linux.

How to install Infoga in Kali Linux?

Requirements: Python 2.7 or higher
  • Open your terminal and type this command (Download Infoga)  " git clone infoga "
  • Then go to the directory infoga using "cd" command  " cd infoga "

  • After that run this command " python install "
  • After setup completes, run this command " python "
  • Then run this command " python --info [ your email ]  all  -v 3 "
  • Then wait for some time for the results.
  Infoga [command]

Available Commands:
  -d  --domain   =    target url/name
  -s  --source     =  source data, default "all"
  -b  --breach   =  check if email breached
  -i  --info  =  get email information
  -r  --report  =  simple file text report
  -v  --verbose  =  verbosity level (1 , 2, or 3)
  -h  --help  =  help for infoga

Use " infoga [command] --help" for more information of commands

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Conclusion:- This article is all about how you can use infoga and phoneinfoga tools. If you have any queries Feel free to ask in the comment section.